The Flag of Newfoundland

By Archbishop Michael F. Howley

The pink the rose of England shows,
The green St. Patrick’s emblem bright,
While in between the spotless sheen
St. Andrew’s cross displays the white.

Then hail the pink, the white, the green;
Our patriot ring long may it stand,
Our sire lands twine their emblem trine
To form the flag of Newfoundland.

What e’er betide our ocean bride
That nestles midst Atlantic foam,
Still far and wide we’ll raise with pride
Our native flag, o’er hearth and home.

Should e’er the hand of fate demand
Some future change in our career,
We ne’er will yield on flood or field
The flag we honour and revere.

Fling out the flag o’er creek and crag;
Pink, white and green, so fair, so grand;
Long may it sway o’er bight and bay,
Around the shores of Newfoundland.

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