The Newfoundland Tricolour and a boat


This photo was taken by LuciaB on Flickr.

This pink, white and green flag is Newfoundland’s unofficial flag, since the early 1800s and still seen everywhere. It predates its cousin the Irish flag by five years, and is the only flag in the world to use the colour pink.

“This flag is better known as the Newfoundland Republic flag because it was flown a few times in our history when Newfoundland was not a Province of Canada or a Colony of Britain, but a true Country with it’s own government and currency.
The meaning of the flag is as follows:
The Protestant Englishmen would mark piled wood with a pink marker, whereas the Catholic Irishmen would use a green marker. The white stripe is symbolic of peace between the two. The flag was adopted by the Newfoundland Natives’ Society.”

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