Viking festival aims to extend tourist season with celebration of legacy

While it’s been more than a thousand years since the last Viking walked these shores, Wendy Nuttall thinks their legacy has legs.

Nuttall, who lives in Hay Cove — about a kilometre away from L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site — wants to launch a Viking festival to run when the site shuts down for the season.

“I wanted to have something to do for the last weekend after the national historic site closes,” she said. “There’s not too much going on for our guests at that time and they’re wondering what to do, so I thought that it would be cool to have something for the guests to do that weekend.”

The historic site closes on a Friday, and the festival — the Great Northern Viking Festival — would run through that weekend, Oct. 3-6.

Nuttall, a photographer who operates the Viking Village Art Gallery, said she’s getting excellent support from businesses and people wanting to volunteer for the festival.

A reconstructed Viking village lies not far from the L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site. (Submitted by Wendy Nuttall)

“I was kind of cautious; I took it to the local businesses first. I thought, they live here, they know. They said, ‘Well, that’s a good idea.’ We always talk about doing something at the end of the season but just never really you know gone around to put anything together.”

Nuttall grew up on a ranch in southwestern Saskatchewan. Wanting to see more of the country, she travelled to Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton.

“I got to Newfoundland and came to St. Anthony. It was foggy, couldn’t see,” she said. “I got my first glimpse, as the fog cleared, of a great big iceberg. And I was kind of hooked on that.”

The Great Northern Viking Festival is scheduled for Oct. 3-6. (Submitted by Wendy Nuttall)

Nuttall is looking to showcase communities located on the tip of the Northern Peninsula, and wants to organize a Viking breakfast and a storytelling session of Vinland sagas.

Much of the festival, though, would feature local things like wild berries and mummering.

There’ll be a “Newfie” night, screech-in and re-enactments, she said.

“We have so much here and it brings our guests from all over the world, like mummers and music, Vikings, good food and fishermen.”

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Viking festival aims to extend tourist season with celebration of legacy

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