Suspended lawyer didn’t leave law firm ‘of his own accord’ says colleague

A lawyer with Stack & Associates in St. John’s confirmed that suspended lawyer Johnathan McDonald has left the firm and says “He didn’t leave of his own accord.”

Brett Ludlow said he has taken on some of the clients that McDonald was representing before he left the firm.

On May 12, The Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador posted a notice of McDonald suspension on its website.

Suspended on a temporary basis

It said McDonald’s membership in the society is suspended on an interlocutory basis and that the suspension arises from a determination by the society’s complaints authorization committee that “McDonald’s conduct is not compliant with the code of professional conduct.”

A spokesperson for the society said a tribunal will hear a complaint against McDonald and then determine what happens next. They said they could not discuss any details of the complaint at this time.

Ludlow confirmed he “knows the complaint” but also said he wouldn’t discuss it while the law society is investigating it.

“It’s pretty fresh. More details will come to light,” said Ludlow.

McDonald called for drug treatment court

In the fall of 2015, McDonald spoke with CBC about the idea of creating a drug treatment court

He said the criminal court system is well equipped to hold people responsible for their crimes, but not to address the addictions that got them in trouble.

He said he believes a drug treatment court could help.

“If we don’t do anything with the treatment, they’re quite likely to re-offend,” said McDonald, who began practicing law in February 2015.

McDonald hasn’t  responded to requests from CBC News for comment regarding his suspension from the province’s law society.

Suspended lawyer didn’t leave law firm ‘of his own accord’ says colleague

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