Snow mixed with ice pellets, changing to rain, coming for eastern Newfoundland

The eastern side of Newfoundland is in for some wet and slippery weather Tuesday, with a winter storm warning in place for the Connaigre and Burin peninsulas and winter storm watches in effect for Gander, Bonavista, Clarenville and parts of the Avalon Peninsula, including St. John’s.

“Evening rush hour could be a little tricky on the northern Avalon,” Derm Kearney, from Environment Canada’s Gander weather office, told The St. John’s Morning Show on Monday.

A low-pressure system is expected to bring snow mixed with ice pellets to St. John’s and area, changing to rain with a risk of freezing rain in the afternoon, according to Environment Canada. 

The Avalon Peninsula could have five to 10 centimetres of snow, Kearney said, with a bit less for the eastern part of the peninsula, including St. John’s and Mount Pearl.

Winter storm watches and warnings are in place for parts of eastern Newfoundland. (Environment Canada)

Winds are also expected to be fairly strong into tomorrow afternoon, Kearney said, at about 80 km/h, dropping out in the evening.

Clarenville/Bonavista also getting snow, wind

Similar winds are expected tomorrow afternoon and evening in Bonavista and Clarenville, where the combination with snowfall will reduce visibility.

“Up towards Clarenville/Bonavista, things will be kind of getting interesting tomorrow evening, because winds will be picking up along with the snow and it’s also a chance of going over to some freezing rain and pellets there as well,” Kearney said.

Snow is expected to be mixed with ice pellets, then change to rain and potentially freezing rain, in and around St. John’s on Tuesday. (@XXPureCountryXX/Twitter)

Around Bonavista and Clarenville, snow mixed with ice pellets is expected to begin in the morning. Up to 10 centimetres of snow is expected during the day in the Bonavista, Clarenville and Gander areas, with more continuing into the night.

Storm warning for Burin and Connaigre

Hazardous conditions are expected on the Burin and Connaigre peninsulas, Environment Canada said, where winter storm warnings are in place for Tuesday.

Snow in the areas may change to rain over the southern part of the Burin Peninsula. “The southern part of the Burin might not see as much snow as the north,” Kearney said.

The southern part of the Burin should get five to 10 centimetres of snow, he said, with the northern part and the Connaigre getting up to 15 centimetres.

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Snow mixed with ice pellets, changing to rain, coming for eastern Newfoundland

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