N.L. unveils more supports for businesses hammered by pandemic

Service NL Minister Tom Osborne announced nearly 30 new initiatives to support businesses Friday, including more than $6 million in deferred government fees.

“I am pleased to announce the deferral or waiver of $6 million in fees to help further help ease some of the operational pressures that our businesses are facing and free up some cash flow in these uncertain times,” said Osborne, who is also finance minister.

Some of the initiatives include:

  • deferral of Workplace NL assessments from employers to after Aug. 31, with no interest or penalties;
  • extending the interest-free payment plan for workplace injury insurance to March 31, 2021;
  • eliminating or offering rebates on aquaculture licence fees, and deferral of annual Crown Lands fees for aquaculture sites;
  • refunding a portion of vehicle registration fees for vehicles registered to businesses, if they are not in use. 

Osborne said new “red tape reduction” measures are also being developed, with an online portal to be launched in June to allow businesses to suggest changes to government regulations.

“Anytime you look at changing or putting regulations in place, you have to balance protection of the public or protection of the province with a regulatory change, but this is an opportunity to have a good focus and hear from people throughout the province on where we can make improvements,” he said.

“This will give the business community, as well as citizens in the province, the ability to communicate directly with government on areas that they feel regulations can be improved.”

Some businesses say they have been faced a devastating blow due to COVID-19 and the public health restrictions that have been in place. 

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N.L. unveils more supports for businesses hammered by pandemic

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