Justin Wiseman found guilty of armed robbery on same day as March 2018 standoff

Hours before he was wheeled away on a stretcher from a lengthy standoff at a house on Jersey Avenue, Justin Wiseman robbed a convenience store with a knife.

He was found guilty Tuesday at Supreme Court in St. John’s and could be sentenced later this month.

Judge Robert Stack ruled it was in fact Wiseman who, in March 2018, brandished a weapon and ordered the clerk at a Marie’s Mini-Mart in Mount Pearl to give him more than $1,000 in cash and cigarettes.

He left the scene in a grey truck, which was followed by police to the house on Jersey Avenue.

For the next seven hours, he barricaded himself inside the house with three women. Two would leave throughout the course of it. His girlfriend stayed by his side.

Wiseman has a cigarette while dozens of Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officers surround the property on Jersey Avenue in Mount Pearl in March 2018. (Submitted)

Police said Wiseman seemed more and more intoxicated as the ordeal dragged on. He also become less and less clothed, eventually coming to the door in just his underwear. At one point, he called NTV News to tell his side of the story and the couple had a rambling conversation with anchor Glen Carter.

Sitting at home with the news on, the store clerk recognized his voice as the same voice demanding cash and smokes earlier that day.

The next morning, she saw his picture in the newspaper, being carted away by paramedics when the standoff finally came to an end. She recognized his face — particularly his face tattoos. 

The judge noted there was little physical evidence linking Wiseman to the robbery, but there was an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that could not be ignored.

Justin Wiseman yells out as paramedics lift him into an ambulance outside the home after the standoff. (Sherry Vivian/CBC)

Throughout the standoff, black smoke billowed from the chimney. When it was over, police found a charred knife and burnt hammer in the fireplace. The Crown alleged he also burned his clothes, cash and cigarettes, but the judge said there was no evidence of that.

On Tuesday, the judge said he wasn’t satisfied police had done a thorough search of the house before leaving the scene.

Hours after police left the house, they rushed back when it went up in flames.

Wiseman is also charged with arson. He is expected to plead guilty to charges related to the standoff with police and the fire.

He was also charged with possession of a weapon for carrying the hammer into the convenience store. He was acquitted of the charge, however, because he set the hammer down throughout the course of the robbery.

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Justin Wiseman found guilty of armed robbery on same day as March 2018 standoff

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