Immortalized in ink: St. John’s studio raises money for cancer patients

For the ninth year in a row, tattoo artist Dave Munro donated his time, skills and studio to raise money for cancer patients forced to travel to St. John’s for treatment. 

He admits the motivation for the unique fundraiser was a selfish one. Brain cancer took the life of his younger brother in February 2010.

“I had a difficult time dealing with the loss of my brother,” Munro said.

“As a coping mechanism on his birthday I decided it would be better to work than dwell on my own thoughts.”

Blair Brush was one of the first to show up to get tattooed for Daffodil Place. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Picking the closest Saturday to his late brother’s birthday, Munro and other tattoo artists donate their time and talents to ink people for a good cause. 

“The fundraiser we’re doing is a tattoo marathon. We charge $100 for the tattoos all the money that is raised goes to Daffodil Place,” said Munro.

Daffodil Place offers people diagnosed with cancer a place to stay while they receive treatment. In the past eight years Munro’s Trouble Bound Studio has raised nearly $60,000.

Blair Brush shows off her new ink to honour her late father who passed died last year. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC)

Springdale resident Andrew Walker was one of the 45 people scheduled to get a cancer ribbon tattoo on Saturday. He said he’ll soon drive his grandfather to St. John’s to stay at Daffodil Place for a month. 

“My grandfather has had cancer like, eight times now,” Walker said.

“As soon as I saw this fundraiser I knew that it was something that I wanted.”

The tattoo artists let people pick what colours they want and add a name to the middle of the ribbon if they wish.

Walker chose “Pop”, while Blair Brush picked “Dad” for her father who died of leukemia in September.

“It’s amazing,” an emotional Brush said.

“I love it.”

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Immortalized in ink: St. John’s studio raises money for cancer patients

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