Corner Brook looks at recycling more clearly, with see-through garbage bags

People living on the west coast of the island will soon change the way they take out the trash — with Western Regional Waste Management enforcing clear garbage bags for all residents, starting this summer.

“We are doing clear bags for two reasons,” said Josh Carey, Chair of Western Regional Waste Management.

Clear bags and a blue bag. It’s a simple process.– Josh Carey, Western Regional Waste Management

“It’s for the safety of the curbside collectors. Often times, there are glasses and needles and other items they need to be aware of. But it’s also to encourage people to recycle. We really want them to be environmentally conscious.”

Carey said if people are worried about nosey neighbours, two privacy (or non transparent bags) are permitted in each clear bag on the curb. 

Carey brings his blue bag and clear bag to the curb, showing all the new items that you can recycle in Corner Brook. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

“That’s more for items that are medical-related, personal hygiene-related or just confidential items they don’t want the public knowing about,” Carey said. 

There’s hope that switching to clear garbage bags will force people to recycle especially with a new, longer list of items residents can place curbside.

For a long time, Corner Brook residents could only place paper and cardboard out on the curb on garbage day. 

Starting in July, people can now put a blue bag on their lawns, containing tin cans, foil wrap, plastic sandwich containers, milk cartons and dish liquid and shampoo bottles. 

The new list of what you can recycle and what you can put in the clear recycling bags. (Western Regional Waste Management )

“Clear bags and a blue bag. It’s a simple process,” said Carey.

“Everything that is recyclable goes in the blue, and the white bag is everything else that’s not recyclable, your garbage and refuse.” 

Communities that use the Wild Cove dumpsite are asked to have clear garbage bags out on the curb starting July 16, with other areas like Burgeo and Norris Point to start later in August.

Carey says residents can stockpile the ‘new’ recyclable items now and put them out in the summer. 

Corner Brook looks at recycling more clearly, with see-through garbage bags

Aggregated from: CBC | Newfoundland and Labrador News

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