Marijuana entrepreneur enthused by province’s pot plan, hoping to become legal dispensary

Ross Barney and his business partners rolled the dice in opening a marijuana shop in downtown St. John’s — and it appears they may have won. Just 48 hours prior to the official opening of the Greenery café and head shop, CBC broke news of the province’s possible plan for legalizing marijuana. Pot plan for N.L. contemplates selling through […]

Ship or iceberg? $50K prize for best way to tell the difference

More than a thousand people from around the world are locked in a competition to see if they can come up with a better way to spot icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland. It was launched by the Centre for Cold Ocean Resource Engineering and Norwegian energy company Statoil, who are looking to crowdsource a better way to […]

Canadian politics needs…more poetry?

What’s wrong with our political system? Perhaps it’s a lack of poetry. George Elliott Clarke is Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate. He’s the seventh poet to serve in the role, which was established in 2001, and he’s proven to be a passionate advocate for the role of poetry in Canada’s public institutions. “I believe that […]

20 years later, Hibernia really changed us (and not entirely for the better)

A little more than 20 years ago, I was working on a CBC Television documentary series called East of Canada, which had the ambitious aim of covering 500 years of history in Newfoundland and Labrador. It was an ambitious undertaking, even with five one-hour episodes (and, believe me, there are not a whole lot of […]

Office of the Chief Electoral Officer – Mount Pearl North By-Election Advance Poll Turnout

Government News Release Office of the Chief Electoral Officer November 18, 2017 Mount Pearl North By-Election Advance Poll Turnout The second day of advance voting for the Mount Pearl North by-election took place today, November 18, 2017. The polls closed at 8:00 p.m. The preliminary number of votes cast during […]

$77K and climbing: Shea Heights woman facing rehabilitation, steep medical bills after stroke in U.S.

Erica Norman thought she was having a heart attack at the gym. Her left arm went numb, her balance was thrown off. She sat in a chair and told a friend to call 911. A self-described fitness freak, Norman thought there was no way she was dying at the age of 27. “I thought it […]

Springdale’s secret museum and the collector who became too famous

Just inches from the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of Springdale is a single door with a small sign that reads “Admission $2.50.” Behind it lies a two-storey museum seemingly frozen in time. It belongs to Pete Parsons and building it was his lifelong dream — a dream to showcase the history of that part […]

The Oldtimers: A vintage episode that goes to the Grand Banks

This episode of Land & Sea from 1974 profiles Capt. Arch Thornhill, 74, a Grand Banks skipper, and Nain elder Martin Martin, 82, who tell us stories about their lives long before the cameras rolled. ​Thornhill tells the story of his indoctrination into life on the Grand Banks. He left Grade 8 and paid a skipper […]

Office of the Chief Electoral Officer – Today is Advance Polling Day for the Mount Pearl North By-Election

Government News Release Office of the Chief Electoral Officer November 18, 2017 Today is Advance Polling Day for the Mount Pearl North By-Election Elections Newfoundland and Labrador would like to remind the residents of Mount Pearl North that Advance Poll voting is taking place today, Saturday, November 18, 2017. […]

Repairs to problem-plagued MV Veteran may not be covered by warranty

A dispute is brewing over who is going to pay for crucial repairs to the troublesome ferry MV Veteran. The two-year-old vessel, which services Fogo Island and Change Islands, is out of service for the third time. According to Newfoundland and Labrador’s minister of transportation, Steve Crocker, there’s an issue with the ferry’s thruster, the second […]